Breathing Cave – Officer’s Trip! Aug. 24, 2013 by Veronica Bohne and Tim Kropp

Breathing Cave – Officer’s Trip!
Aug. 24, 2013
by Veronica Bohne & Tim Kropp

The morning started out nice as we all (Chris, Nikki, Jasmine, Tim, and me) met at Tim’s, hopped in my car, and headed to Highland County, VA for our Officer’s Trip through Breathing Cave. The drive there was windy, but not too long. The parking for the cave had changed though, and the new directions got us all turned around. BUT we finally found the spot, changed, and hiked about 45 minutes through some pretty trees to the cave entrance.

We entered the cave around 11 after a group photo, and got right to it! The entrance was big and beautiful, surrounded by rocks (duh) covered in moss. We started in the historic section where we got to see George’s gorge, a 30-ft. pit. We went back out by the entrance then through some crawls to get to the new section of the cave. We went through the nutcracker (nuff said) and serpentine way, a windy, pointy (you shoulda seen my thighs) passage that led to a disappointing waterfall… the water was low that day.

We took our time caving, got lots of legit pictures (thanks to the very talented Nikki Fox), saw some pretties, and headed back out the cave.

On our hike back to the car, we passed this awesome old work truck! Naturally, Jasmine was feeling like a 50’s pinup model and she climbed on the hood for some pictures. After getting back to the car, we all changed, went home to clean up, regrouped at Nikki and Chris’s for dinner and catching up after a VERY long summer.