Diddly-Doo-A-Shart: Our Trip to 3D Oct. 4, 2007 by Mary Alice Williams

Diddly-Doo-A-Shart: Our Trip to 3D
Oct. 4, 2007
by Mary Alice Williams

The stars were a-shinin’ and the cowpies were a-bloomin’ last Thursday as Whitney, Una, and I walked up the hill to 3-D cave. Bobby Toms was there too, a last minute addition who agreed to come when I hollered at him from across the Mill parking lot. Of course, his answer was to be expected, because asking a MUSG member if they want to go caving on a beautiful Thursday evening is like asking Bobby Toms “Hey, do you wanna come along to a Tri Sig orgy?” or perhaps “Hey, do you wanna acquire another acoustical instrument?” Regardless, I was glad he came. What we didn’t expect was that throughout the caving trip, Bobby’s perpetuous wit would be matched blow for blow by Una, our visitor from Ireland, and we were only more pleased when, without instruction to do so, she exclaimed “This cave’s really a bit slippy.” We all wished fervently that el presidente was there.

As for myself, only moments after entering 3-D and despite the fact that I organized the trip, I realized that I had never actually been there….I chose not to say anything. (At this time I will pause to let the reader reflect and conclude that I am not at all fit for my position…) Moving along, it was no matter, because it turns out that Whitney March knows 3-D like Bobby knows pick-up lines, so we were in very good hands.

In the cave, Una impressed us with her geological knowledge and caving skills, but she really came in handy when I was chimney-ing through a slippy passage, and I slipped and began to fall. I didn’t catch myself in time, but my belt-loop did. The small piece of denim held me hanging from a projecting rock formation until I could find my footing again. Now that’s the luck of the Irish.

On the way out of the cave, we ran into some other JMU kids who impressed us with their fearlessness and awesome car. Una preceded to draw picture in the car’s window dust, and I can’t repeat what she drew.

All in all, the trip was a success, and at the end, we said goodbye to Una and lived happily ever after.