Comfy Cozy Cavers Feb. 17, 2007 by Margaret Clune

Comfy Cozy Cavers
Feb. 17, 2007
by Margaret Clune

Early in the morning our group set off for the long journey to the Crossroads Cave. We made a stop at Mrs. J’s and seeing as this was my first time caving it was also my first time to Mrs. J’s and I enjoyed it thoroughly. After enjoying a wonderful breakfast, all six of us piled into Bob’s car and started the trek. Let me just say that all four of us in the back made the most of our space and got very comfy cozy with each other.

The car trip was very scenic on the long windy roads and before I knew it we were parking in the church parking lot and I suppose in true caver fashion, we all started stripping down right there in the parking lot and got ready to go in. It had started to snow and as we reached the entrance of the cave we had to be careful to not slip right in.

On the ride up, us poor people in the back were instructed to rip up plastic bags so we could mark where we were in the cave. Bob instructed us that we had to do this task because the last time he was in Crossroads was a year ago and he had not been in best state of mind at the time.

Because both Bob and Kenzie had not been in Crossroads in over a year, the majority of our time was spent exploring and squeezing through tight little crevices to find yet another dead end. We did find some gem spots though. Jay found a wonderful spot that took some climbing to get too but it was totally worth it. The spot was about 10-15 ft. off the ground and the sides of it were littered with popcorn stones (not too sure if that’s what they are called) and seemed to go on forever. Bob also found that someone had written a little note that they had been there in 1954 which I thought was extremely cool.

All in all it was a great trip to Crossroads. We saw a lot of cool rock formations and made friends with a few grouchy bats. As it was Sarah’s (Jays sister) and mine’s first time caving I just have to say that I’m very proud of us for trying caving and pushing ourselves past what we thought we could do and thank you to everyone else who pushed and supported us during the trip.

The day ended with a wet and muddy drive back and a quick stop at Arby’s, another first of mine 🙂 Thank you to Bob for driving!!! Over and out!