Little Cave and 3-D Maze Cave Oct. 20, 2006 by Chris Coates

Little Cave and 3-D Maze Cave
Oct. 20, 2006
by Chris Coates

Friday night we made a trip to “Little Cave” which is near 3-D Maze. Little is pretty much a small limestone drainage tube type cave. There is an interesting tree growing in the cave that grows out of the floor and goes up though a crack in the ceiling. It is about as big around as your fore arm and is out of sight of the entrance. Otherwise, we removed a few beer cans and a pair of sunglasses from the cave. Also, we found a large rib bone in one of the crawls.

Little Cave was a short trip before we started to play in 3-D Maze. On entering 3-D instead of going left, we went right down through some breakdown and into a large room. (Large for 3-D Standards). This is the room that goes under the bridge that most people use to get to the art room and that leads down to 4-D. After this detour we went down through the “canyon” and pushed all the leads in that section of cave. Next came the wonderful climb back out of the “canyon” and we descended into 4-D. We went all the way till we were going to have to get wet and decided to call it a night; since no body seemed very inclined to go swimming through the lakes. This was an enjoyable trip and everybody did a great job of climbing and helping each other.