Breathing Cave Oct. 7, 2006 by Chris Coates

Breathing Cave
Oct. 7, 2006
by Chris Coates

Saturday was a chilly drizzly day to play on the surface but underground we had a comfortable afternoon of crawling and climbing through Breathing Cave in Highland County. Only four of us made the trip, but this allowed us to move faster and see more of the cave. We only saw a small part of the old section but there were some nice translucent soda straws, see through bacon (drapery), small pure white crystalline rim stone pools with tiny cave pearls hiding at the bottom, and for you animal lovers we also ran into two different colored bats (pips and little browns). There were also the traditional stalagmites, stalactites, columns, drapery, flowstone and fossils. This cave is big enough that you can make multiple trips and not see the same passages all the time. This was a pretty easy trip. And for all of you who didn’t accompany us, you missed a good time.