Into the Third Dimension Aug. 18, 2006 by Adam Gosney

Into the Third Dimension
Aug. 18, 2006
by Adam Gosney

So I’m gonna try my hand at a caving trip report, and then maybe place it on the caving website (I wrote this in the third person, just FYI).

We left for 3D around 8pm after getting everyone suited up and fitted with helmets and headlights. We stopped at Rite Aid to pick up some spare batteries and then took our 3 cars to 3D. Our group consisted of Adam, Bob, Alan, Brian, Eddie, Sarah, Jenny, Laurie, Matt, and John. As we walked through the field to 3D we once again encountered several cows and they watched us the whole time as we went single file through the field.

Before we descended into the cave Bob gave a little pep talk to everyone as Adam replaced some batteries on lamps. The first part of the cave was a little tricky for Eddie, Matt, and Jenny, who it was their first time caving, but they did an excellent job. Bob was in the lead, with Brian and Adam (who had a caving pack) bringing up the rear. Bob showed several people the chasm of 3D, which was a good intro to the cave for many, and showed what was in store for them. Several people then explored around the cave, and our order became a little messed up for a bit, but then we came back together when Bob found 4D. We had a lights out for several minutes, and even broke out into song on several occasions (it was hideous, don’t be fooled) and had a blast doing that. We then went in groups of 6 and 4 into 4D. The first little tricky part with out the metal foot poles was not too challenging for people, but the second part did present some trouble, with Bob doing a nice job of teaching everyone how to use the rope and poles simultaneously and descend in a safe manner.

While the second group was going through 4D (Adam got sick of waiting for Alan, Brian, and John as they tried to stay dry and not muddy, so he just walked through the mud) the rest of the group came back really muddy and obviously had a mud fight. At about this time Adam nailed Brian in the gluteus maximus with a huge mound of mud, and properly introduced a member of UREC to the true “art” of caving. Alan and Matt ventured past the tunnel in 4D and got soaked up to their chest, and realized the next area had a large chasm one could look into, but maybe not explore.

Leaving 4D was somewhat trickier because everyone was wet from the mud, but once again Bob did a good job of leading people through tricky parts. At this point we explored a little more, and finally made our way to the art room. Bob was excited his bike was still there, Alan was happy his “JMU 06” still exists, and Adam was jubilant that his “lizard dog cow” was still up. Only 4-5 people could fit into the art room, so the others waiting just explored at their leisure. As we left the cave Bob pointed out where Adam fell his first time caving, and nearly killed himself. Bob then reminded everyone of Adam’s trend of somehow tripping or getting attacked by furry animals in all of his caving outings.

We ascended out of the cave at around 11:45, only a little over 3 hours after entering the cave, quite an accomplishment with 10 people, let alone with several people who had never caved before. The rest of the walk back was quite uneventful, except seeing the cows again, and the sky was lit up with stars. Near the barb wire fence we needed to get under (next to the creek) to reach the cars John spotted a possum that just poked his head out and stared at us. As we went underneath the barb wire fence the curse of Adam struck again. He was crawling up the short hill, about to go under the fence, when his foot slipped. He could have grabbed the barb wire fence to save himself, but accepted his fate and slid into the water up to his ankles, soaking his foot.

All of us then got dressed at the cars and headed back to the Mill. A great trip and a great time caving.