Glade Cave Trip Oct. 12, 2003 by Stephen Lackey

Glade Cave Trip
Oct. 12, 2003
by Stephen Lackey

This was the only trip of the weekend of Oct 11- 12th, and it was amazing (to say the least). The group (12 of us), set out at 11:00AM Sunday morning behind Burruss Hall with Jared (the trip leader) and Dan driving the beastly van. After driving for about a half hour, we get to a gravel road (of which the cave is off of) and Jared wants to see if he can find the cave on his first attempt – failed. We turn around at the end of the road and then come upon the driveway for the cave.

The 12 of us get into our caving clothes and get the helmets and hike 100 yards or so and come upon the cave. We enter the cave down into the ground. Within 30 seconds, we were standing in ankle deep mud. This was slightly a muddy cave ;-). We explored the cave of which was straight up mud. More mud. Finally, the cave had some mud in it. It there was some brown mud, some orange-ish mud, some dark mud, light mud, liquid mud, dry mud, peanut butter thickness mud, cake batter type mud, liquid mud, throwing mud, sitting mud, dripping mud…I think you get my picture, there was lots of mud. We explored the low ceiling cave for about 2 hours, and in those two hours were a lot of obstacles. Glade had a couple cool formations. There were tons of real good slides. A few good teamwork obstacles that were conquered. But after going through the cave, we did not find the mud lake of which we were hoping too (but its okay…we got slightly covered in mud.

Finally, after exploring the cave like no other, we exited the hole in the ground and took pictures and had fun laughing at each other. We then proceeded to the car to change as best as we could. This was not as easy as pictured. Some rode home in just underwear and others in not much clothing. Overall it was an awesome cave. I’d give it two thumbs up…but remember if you’re going there… bring an extra set of clothes.   🙂