Blowing Cave Trip Report March 27, 2003 by Ashley Cavell

Blowing Cave Trip Report
March 27, 2003
by Ashley Cavell

Megan and I decided at the last minute to go on the trip so we ran over to Burruss to meet Jared and Sharid. On the car ride to the cave we got a little turned around but we made it there pretty easily. We walked through an unnecessary amount of thorns to get to the cave and Jared was nice enough tell me that this cave is haunted. We had a little trouble actually finding the path into the cave once we got there, but we got in and all was well. The cave itself was a lot of fun because it was nice and muddy and there was a lot of crawling and squeezing. We got to go down a couple mudslides and I think someone ended up in a puddle at some point too. We forced Shared to crawl up this tiny little passage, all we heard was a bunch of grunting and cursing and him yelling “I’m back at the entrance!”

We had no idea where we were. We had been in the cave for about an hour and then Claire recognized this neat hole that we had seen at the beginning of our trip. We figured out the way we had come through this area before but still didn’t know how we got back to it. Thoroughly confused, we decided it was time for a lights out. We were having a nice conversation about religion and all kinds of crazy spiritual ideas when this ghost came out and scared the hell out of us. (Ian does an excellent reenactment of the noise). Four out of the six of us immediately turned on out lights, very freaked out, and Megan and Sharid went off looking for the ghost, I don’t know what they were thinking. Since we didn’t want to get lost or turned around anymore we decided to go home when they came back from their little expedition. The sky was really clear when we came out of the cave so we hung around for a little while to look at the stars. And then we came home. Unfortunately our plans to go to D-hall all muddy when it opened didn’t work out since it was 1:30 in the morning when we got home.