Fall Ball 2002 Oct. 11-13, 2002 by Jared Bowie

Fall Ball 2002
Elkhorn Lake, Trout, Aqua & the Rope Swing
Oct. 11-13, 2002
by Jared Bowie


Chris and I had decided to visit Trout Friday afternoon before we would head over to fall ball. It took us about forever to get on the road because of getting supplies and such I would say it was mostly my fault. But we finally did head out and arrived at 5:30. We got there not knowing what cave to go to. All we knew is that we were going small and tight either through the Hamilton infamous air blower or to the back of trout which includes passages with such names as “the 7-inch pinch” and other such things. Chris finally decided we would go to trout because he would keep asking me and I am not one to make a decision. We headed up to the log station and logged in while Chris took a crap in the woods (what’s new?). We made our way up to trout (oh did I mention is was rainy and wet) hung out around the entrance for about 2 seconds then headed in on our mission to the back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya that’s how excited we were (well at least I was) As we walked around in our first circle and started heading back toward the entrance Chris realized he was an idiot. Chris and John also saw a huge rat as big as a cat. Yes the rhyming of that sentence does make it all the more exciting. So we headed back and back. As we walked we wondered what was in the back. Some speculated there would be one of those singing fish that sang and danced. But nobody could know for sure. We made our way to the art room I think it’s like the other art room I think there’s 2. No one knew what to do. So I came up with the idea to put a guy in prison. So me and Chris made the bars. (OH WAIT, did I mention who was even on this trip?????? Jared Chris Chris and John) So Chris W made the bars with me and the other Chris made the guy. We put him in a prison of mud and then moved on. We kept going and started getting to really small and tight passage. We crawled into this really tight passage way where you kinda gotta use your elbows and toes to move on and we got to a room by room I mean like 4 feet high and wide about and waited there while Chris went ahead. He said he saw a way to go down but wasn’t sure if he could get back out of it so that’s where we turned around. By now everyone was kinda getting a little shaky and stuff because of the tight passages. Chris just wanted to get out and hurried us along. On the way back me, the younger Chris and John visited the square room which looked even more magnificent than the first time I had visited it, it is definitely a breathtaking room. We got out around 9:30. Chris W informed me that he was just gonna go back to jmu he was kinda beat up and worn out and just ready to go home I guess. The 3 of us made our way to fall ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes again. It took about an hour to get there. Many animals ran out in front of me while I was driving 2 possum a cat and some other thing maybe another cat? We got there around 11ish. It was a small party the people there were let’s see. Ian, Pat, Bryce, Sabrina, Brennan, Curt, Rian, Bubba, Laura, maybe Bubba’s friend? And of course me (Jared), Chris and John. Oh and don’t forget Franklin (UH OH FRANKLIN) maybe someone else was there I’m not sure and I am sorry if I missed you. I guess everyone had wussed out because rain. Nothing that exciting happened except just friendly chatter Bryce and Sabrina passing out in their chairs.


I was the first one out of my tent and got the fire rolling I hung out a little bit then headed to meet me highland boys over near breathing for a day of digging. It was a day of digging , but we were unsuccessful they knew there was something there it was just probably too far down. I went to the VSS meeting and then headed back to fall ball. I got there 11ish and a lot more people had showed up. I heard that had visited Aqua and the rope swing near Aqua. It was nice seeing everyone come out for fall ball. There was lots of fun around the fire including Ian shaking a hot coal in his hands. Curt having fun with his stick and lots of other stuff. At around 2 I think the people that remained around the fire decided it was a good time to visit the lake. So we packed into 2 cars mine and Curts. And headed on over to the lake. Curt ran his car into a ditch right beside the lake and we were unable to push it out. He later got Bubba’s friend to tow it out. A group went into the lake (naked of course it is the caving club). And that was that. I went to bed. When I woke up I heard Ian’s story of him going the wrong way to his tent tripping and falling into the stream beside us. And that was fall ball I headed back home and it was a great weekend.