Aqua Cave Trip – “Getting to know the big brother” Oct. 23-24, 2001 by Brad Ricks

Aqua Cave Trip – “Getting to know the big brother”
Oct. 23-24, 2001
by Brad Ricks

So I walk into my apartment at 7:30pm, and give the old email a check. Got one from Chris. It read:

Chris: “I’m going to Aqua at 7:30, so come along if you want”
Brad: Yeah, So I pick up the phone, call Chris, and fortunately
Chris: I hadn’t left yet.
Brad: I get my stuff together, and by 8 or 8:30, Chris comes and kindly picks me up, with Angela and Brad #2 coming along for the trip.

On the way there, Angela realized something.

Angela: Brad and I are destined to be together – There’s this connection – I can’t quite put it in words, but when I think of something like Dead Milkmen, so does he!
Chris: Somehow, I didn’t really see it, but we all went caving anyway.
Angela: We made it to the cave in record time, thanks to my soulmate, Brad, finding a new path that kept us from climbing down the big hill. I jumped in first, followed by Brad, Chris, and Brad #2.
Brad #2: That water was cold. It wasn’t just any cold – it was the kind of cold that makes your Terrier’s nose freeze to your neighbor’s poodle’s butt.
Brad: So after changing, we caved on for about a minute, till we hit the rope. A good while later we were all safely up top, and ready to explore the “Big Brother” First off we hit the portion that had already been explored by MUSG a couple weeks ago . . .
Chris: Yeah, what took us 3 hours the first time, took all of 15 minutes this time. Made me realize how much of a panties-wearing girl I am. Anybody got a tutu?
Brad: Anyway, that trip took us to some real nice pristine formations. Sure they maxed out at 2 feet tall, but that was the ceiling height. If we were tiny, it woulda been a show cave long time ago!
Angela: So from there, I decided to squeeze through the tightest thing I’ve ever been in. It was like fitting a football through a Chihuawa! But I made it just to find Chris standing on the other side.
Chris: I knew where she was going, but I thought it would be fun to keep that to myself.
Brad #2: Brad and I came through the easy way, and from there, they just all left in just about ever direction from this great big room….so I sat and waited.

. . . And waited. And Waited.

Angela: Brad doesn’t know where I went but let me tell you about it . . .
Brad: And here’s where I went – big dry room, went up, stayed big – little crawl, big canyon – down there it wound all around, and I ended up somehow beneath Angela.
Angela: At the time, I didn’t know brad was down there, so I thought it would be fun to throw rocks down this deep hole.
Brad: I didn’t know Angela was up there, but as far as I knew, I was under attack from the ceiling – rocks flying in at all directions!
Chris: Eventually we left and got out of there. Brad and Angela thought it would be cool to predict what time it was, as none of us had a clue. As if they were told by a little “Fate-Ferries” they said the same time together – 3:48.
Angela: Just then, I realized that Brad was only the man I could ever love.
Brad: We got to the car, and it was 2:30. We realized that the fate ferries must be idiots, and took a nap. None of us are very sure what happened on the way home . . . Christ probably doesn’t either, but we do know that it was one heck of a good trip to Aqua!