Fall Ball ’99 Aqua Campground and Breathing Cave by Ben Madore

Fall Ball ’99
Aqua Campground and Breathing Cave
by Ben Madore

It was a beautiful Friday, starting a beautiful weekend. A green Subaru Outback Sport started out for Aqua Campground. Arriving there on time and without incident was achieved for most, but not all of us. In particular, Kendell was hit by a Park Ranger! Incidents resolved, we all settled in, began campfires, and had some grub. Sing-alongs ensued, and it wasn’t long before nearly everyone was around one fire swapping stories and contemplating the next day (or next drink). Rich, Pat, and John arrived around 9:30, as we were starting to worry about them, safe and sound, and tired after a 70 mile trip.

Saturday brought the leaving of many people, sadly. However, while waiting for a Breathing trip which never got going, who was to show up but alumnus Ed Render. Ed, the most dedicated of us, spent three hundred dollars to come, and between noon and nine, got his money’s worth. He was out of commission all night. Aqua came, and Aqua went; wet and cold. We had some Zip line action with Patrick’s Impressive Rig, some swimming, and settled into another chill around the fire. The Poe-liece came, and were successfully avoided, the rope swing was frequented, mostly dry, and we had some interesting Philosophical discussions before calling it a night. And so, Sunday Morning, with heavy hearts, and tears in our eyes, we departed Aqua Campground once again. And passed out in our beds.