Glade Two Weeks and Running Sept. 19, 1998 by John Doroshenk

Glade Two Weeks and Running or Saturday Morning Coming Down
Sept. 19, 1998
by John Doroshenk

Oh Saturday morning, how fast you come. Well once again, myself, Brian and Cristina all wake up and head off to Buress to meet some eager cavers for another fun filled day of mud in the dark. I was up first so off to Rich’s to get the gear. I get there and to my surprise Rich is up and ready to go even after a long evening of partying and with people still lying all over the floors. So Rich and I get to Buress and lots of people are there, but not everyone that signed up. So we sit around and chit chat for a while. So whats the first thing to do when going caving to a cave that’s off of 42. That’s right Hole in the Wall stop. For those who don’t know Hole in the Wall is Harrisonburg’s token porno shop. And it turns out that during our chit chat someone mentioned that there was an ad for a free hole in the wall tee shirt in the breeze. Well, dam, we need to get some breezes, so myself, Brian, and Hooper all rush off to the inside of Buress to find some. We came up empty handed. So Brian and Myself head off to warren, they always have them there. On the way some people touring the campus ask us where the library is located. We respond with great confidence, I think its that building. We walked away realizing that in the three years we’ve been here, we still don’t know which building the library is. Long story short, we get the breeze for everyone and head off to the great porno palace of hole in the wall. To our demise though, they ran out of the shirts. I guess MUSG will have to go else where for quality porn now.

Now it was time to go caving. But first, Mr. J’s bagels. We get there eat and head on down to glade. I was leading the way with not to much of an idea of where I’m going. So I see airport road, sounds like a nice road so I decided to take it. And you know what, there is actually an airport on it. Coincidence, I think not. We get to the cave and get ready to go in. Rich pauses at the car and remarks. “I don’t have my boots and I feel like shit, I’m sleeping in the car.” I guess Rich kicked his own ass the night before. So one man down we enter the cave.

The weather was hot, dam hot, the kind of hot that’ll melt the wax out of your ears. So the nice cool mud was quick lights out and the idea of the big mud room in the back entertained us all. The only problem is we couldn’t find it. We searched every nook and cranny of the cave. Finally Brian and I took off to never come back until we found it. A half hour later we found it, turned around to get the others and to our surprise we could see them sitting there in the art room. “How the hell did we do that” Brian was heard saying. We got everyone into the mud room and mud fights quickly broke out. All of us covered to the extreme in mud headed out of the cave. Rich was just venturing as we were coming out. We turned him around and got to the car and drove home. Thus ending the fun filled day known as caving.