Breathing gets my Breath All Crazy or No rock is going up that! Sept. 13, 1998 by John Doroshenk

Breathing gets my Breath All Crazy or No rock is going up that!
Sept. 13, 1998
by John Doroshenk

Oh, caving two days in a row is a feet to be achieved, so like always John and Rich were up for it. Glade yesterday for John and 3D for Rich. So it appears that at the meeting everyone was suppose to gather behind Burass at 9:00 to go caving, but unfortunately no one told me this possibly vital information. Well, I woke up with surprising ease from the hard night before and thought, hey I’ll show up early, thinking departure time was 10. Well I show up about 9:30 along with Rich who thought leaving was taking place at 9:30. So there we were, now we realized, too many cavers not enough lights and no Van Zandt with the release forms, so off to the commons to get release forms from ed and some more helmets and lights from my place. Rich calls Jon and is informed that we’ll meet him at Kinko’s to make copies. Kinko’s we arrive and Rich informs me that he needs to get the cheesy construction helmets from his place to give to some one at another cave. Okay, we wait for rich to get back and he finally does and then its off to go caving. But wait Breathing is off of 42 and you know what that means, that’s right, Mr. J’s bagels. this time to go. We get on the road and make it to the Breast works and look at nature and jump back into the car and head to aqua camp ground to give the helmets to Lissele. Well, she didn’t need the helmets, and rich actually never got the helmets so I don’t know what is going on.

Everyone back in the car and off to breathing, we get to the parking place and see our good friend Brett and he is going with us. The weather was hot, dam hot, good love making weather, hot, sticky and a lot of gnats. Everyone gets good to go and we start walking, and walking, and walking, and then we sprinted up the hill, and then we walked back down it and finally were at the entrance. Start of trip for most of the cavers 9:00. Time of entry into the cave, 1:17 Not to bad from my point of view. Into the cave we went, and these kids could cave, I mean the were good, no one fell, no one slipped, everyone just bitched about no knee pads. Oh well, you need to break your knees in before knee pads can do anything for you. Well off to the nut cracker, the name says it all fellas, it’ll crack your nuts and hang them out for bats to munch on. Everyone went over it successfully, well except for me, I dove through a hole and around a corner and found my way to the other side of it. We made it to the legendary breathing water fall, except one thing was missing, oh yeah, the water. It seems that it hasn’t rained since 1963 and the water fall was just a trickle, what can you do but turn out your lights. A long lights out ensued with brad doing some crazy skat for us that puts ed’s chicken song to shame. Lights on and out we went. Back to the burg and to dukes for dinner. And thus ended our adventure for the day.