Trout Cave Oct. 19, 1997 by Jenny and Emily

Trout Cave
Oct. 19, 1997
by Jenny and Emily

And so we met in Burress parking lot, some of us at 10, some at 11, and some not at all. So many bailed I can’t even count, but Carl, Kent, Jodie, Lewis, Rock, and your humble narrators Jenny and Emily left for Trout. The ride up was uneventful, but once we got there we were ready to cave. We had a brisk hike up to Trout, and when we got to the foot of the cave there were ice stalagmites covering the floor of the entrance. We all admired them, as Rocky chewed on one far in the corner. Jodie noticed that a few of the formations looked like human sculptures. There was one especially grotesque figure that Jenny realized had an uncanny resemblance to Ed, who was cleaning gear till five in the morning the night before and bailed out on Sunday’s trip. Oh poor baby.

After Kent took pictures of the ice formations, he strapped two glow sticks on Rocky and on we caved. Little did we know twenty minutes into the cave Rocky with his two glow sticks and glowing eyes, scared the crap out of three lost members of college outing club from West Virginia. They asked if they could join our posse and we let them, after Carl inquired where one of their helmets was. He replied, “I never usually hit my head.” From there we explored the figuring room, which wasn’t as cool as the one in 3-D, but still had it’s share of phallic and religious symbols, not to mention the cool canoe Rocky stepped on. We left the figurine room, sent the other cave club on their way and tried to find a deeper passage to the back of the cave. We had three lights-outs because we kept going in circles and so we finally decided to head out. On the way back, we stopped at Fat Boy’s Pork Palace and ordered mad food. Once our stomachs were filled, we knew it was time to head home, so that’s what we did.