Trip Report to 3-D Sept. 14, 1997 by Caroline

Trip Report to 3-D
Sept. 14, 1997
by Caroline

The trip started at 9:00 AM behind Burrus. We were soon on our way to 3-D. With Rich leading, we found our way to the cave in no time. The first exciting thing to happen was Rich’s discovery of a funny fungus sticking out of a cow pie. “Hey guys! I found shrooms!” Yummm . . .

The caving went great. We made our way down Jessica’s wall (soon to be renamed_) and hit the mud gallery next. The group each contributed something to the artwork. As we approached the 4th dimension, most of us made the decision to venture down into about 8 inches of mud and water. We sloshed around for quite a while before we decided to leave. All cavers handled the obstacles with practically no problems.

We were almost out before Event #2 happened. Rich and Caroline (me) attempted to help the group back up Jessica’s wall (DRAW WALL) with some difficulty. After about 45 minutes, Kelly was the last one to perform the hoist. – – – Tell story – – – The rescue team awaited as Rich and I led the banged and bruised caver out. Meanwhile Mandi and Erin had sprinted to Mandi’s car and retrieved her first aid kit and cell phone. Kelly decided she could make it back slowly but surely.