Breathing Cave Sept. 7, 1997 by Ed Render

Breathing Cave
Sept. 7, 1997
by Ed Render

The first trip of the year was a smashing success filled with many good times. It began at 9 in the morning behind Buruss Hall. Ed, Rich, Linne­, Mandi, Brian, John D, John V., Cristina, Brian B, T., Crystal, Craig, David, and Melinda were all present. Aft er release forms were filled out and signed, off we went. Well, almost. We desperately needed batteries, so we departed for Food Lion. After food lion, some had the urge, as most good cavers do, to visit Mr. J’­s Bagel’­s. Following Mr. J’s we hit a Chever on and then we were off! Well, not quite. We made it just out of Bridgewater when Brian’s car swiftly pulls into McDonalds. The water bottles had not been filled- and breathing is not a trip to skimp out on water. Ed ran into the men’­s bathroom to fill th e bottles. After a minute or so he returns to the car. “Cristina,” Ed exclaimed. “Come here.” Ed requested that Cristina try filling the bottles in the women’­s bathroom, not because the water that women use to wash their hands with is cleaner, but because the cold water in the men’s room was broken. Imagine that. How many times have you wanted hot water only to be disappointed with cold. Vise Versa. Unfortunately, the women’­s cold water was also non-existent, so the two of them waited in line to ask the highly educated cashier if he could fill our bottles. There was a gentleman in front of us ordering. “I’d like an Egg McMuffin Meal.” The cashier responded- “You want coffee?” The man replies- “doesn’t” it com e with?” “No.” “Then why is it in the picture?” “I don’­t know?” – This whet on for minutes. Finally some friendly manager filled our water bottles with McDonald’­s finest and off were went!

We arrived at breathing at around 12:30. The hike was flawlessly achieved in under 40 minutes. Upon entering the cave a count-off ensued, and then spelunking we went. Breathing was, well- breathing. The new cavers did incredibly well climbing walls wit h the agility of kent’­s dog Rocky. Not even the nutcracker, aka the butt pirate- was going to stop the mighty group. John and a few others chose to avoid this hanus formation and tight squeeze by choosing a wetter alternative. When we asked John why he didn’­t cave through the butt pirate, he exclaimed!­ “Guys, there is absolutely no glory in getting raped by a cave.” We made it all the way back to the waterfall in record time for such a large group. Everybody was such a great time in the cave – Rich didn’t want it to end. “Hey- guy’­s let’­s get a keg!” Keg? Keg-Keg-Keg-Keg, echoed threw the hallowed halls. The trip morale was at a new found high. Ed inquired, “where will this activity take place rich?” Silence. Then through the calm quietness rich yells. ED’s Place!

The trip home went swiftly as well. Nothing could possibly could go wrong on such a glorious day. People made there way over to Edís house after a scrumptious dinner at the Hall Called “D”. The party was- well let’­s just say- different. Ask Steve.