3D and Vertical Training: John’s Version March 23, 1997

3D and Vertical Training: John’s Version
March 23, 1997

The day started out in my room. “Ben, are you going to go caving today?” I said, “I have to wait for them do bring the stuff,” Ben said. “Who” “My brother,” “What?” “He just called” “No I’ve been in here for 40 minutes” This is how the day started off with the sleeping delusion of Ben, but John was aware of the reality, and so they didn’t wait. John and Ben picked up Emily and headed to Buruss to meet up with the rest of the crew. There they saw lots of people and off to Carl’s house to start the day of vertical training.

Everyone went into the barn and the teams were picked. John, Steve, and Paul were going on their virgin leading trip to 3D with Derik, Stacy, and Amy. The trip was a great adventure for the fearless leaders. Jessica’s wall was concurred without a second thought. There wasn’t a moment where the leaders were worried or lost. They made the descent into the 3rd dimension with little worry of the mud or the webbing. It was a successful trek and the crew returned to the barn with no harm. Everyone got experience on the vertical aspects of life. Then it was off to the trees for the real life applications of the training. Thus ended a great day of caving.