Crossroads, The G-Rated Version Nov. 16, 1996

Crossroads, The G-Rated Version
Nov. 16, 1996

The day started off with Ben waking up to get his bike and go get his car from his brother’s house. After scraping off the frost from the seat of his bike, Ben courageously battles Saturday morning Harrisonburg traffic and successfully got his car. Fro m there he picked up Emily and John and made his way to Buruss. While waiting for Ben, John got a startling phone call at 8:30, “Yeah,” John said into the phone. “John hey I ain’t gonna be able to make it this morning and Cristina isn’t going either.” John heard from a sickly Brian. So the trip was already down two members. Anyway, back to Buruss, some phat wheels pulled up. It was Kent and his boys with Ed. Some more members showed up also, but there were seventeen of us, so I’m not going to even attempt to name them all. At Buruss, many members were still missing, so Ed called some people and woke them up. Chris’s alarm didn’t go off so we were regrouping over there. There, Faye and Rich joined us also. The time was almost 10:30 by this point , so an executive decision was made to get to McDonald’s before breakfast was stopped being served. The crew made it with time to spare. Another 15 minutes were spent in the parking lot and finally they were off. I was only in Ben’s car with Emily and Christina, so that’s all I can talk about. About 15 minutes after leaving McDonald’s, a disaster struck the car, Emily’s Coca-Cola exploded and was spraying all over the car. Ugg, it was gross.

Not much else exciting happened until we got to the cave. Several of the members, I think it was Linne, started a crazy game naming adjectives through the Alphabet. It kept us entertained. The cave was a fun time for all. I had my new phatty Halogen bulb and, boy, was that thing bright like lite bright. It illuminated the hole cave. We met up with three other groups at the cave. RASG was there and the guy kept saying feet toosh, feet toosh. Good advise. Faye tried to press the High School science class to go to JMU. Thanks Faye. At the end of the cave a group from Charlottesville was mixed in at the register. TO many people. To crazy, we got out OK and at the entrance was a girl leading a bunch of adults into the cave. She was telling them to never touch their knees to the ground. I guess they cr ab walked the hole thing. We met up with the Clark’s Posse and headed home. We all headed to the Hall called D and ate mash potatoes that were good, but not great like spaghetti. Thus ending a good cave day.