Halloween Havoc Oct. 31, 1996 by Faye Ng

Halloween Havoc
Oct. 31, 1996
by Faye Ng

On Devils night, thirteen rambunctious and daring cavers embarked on a listless ritual into the bowels of the earth, bringing with them three virgin cavers and a plastic pumpkin brimming with tootsie rolls, to the challenging and infamous 3D Cave. There, they were guaranteed a muddy butt and learned that flexibility is a crucial asset. Although they could have been cavers in a past life, Tim, Mary, and Ben were the neophytes to be initiated into the MUSG coven. Little did we know as we first entered the cave what lay ahead of us–a vertical descent into the unknown. As this crazy night progressed…some cavers chose to don war paint… the reason we can only guess: 1) to ward off evil spirits 2) to be one wit h the cave 3)because they look really neat with mud streaked on their face. While waiting for what seemed an absorbent amount of time, nearby cavers made mud men, fixed their carbides, put mud-devil horns on their helmets, and observed a drowned field mouse in the heart of the cave. Someone (Ed) took to belching out tunes of Led Ze plin that was reminiscent of wails from a Banshee coming to steal worthy souls to the underworld.

Finally after our wanderings led us to a flooded dead end, we decided to experience the longest lights out in my caving career. It must have been through this deprivation of light that caused our minds to delve into disillusions of ways to eat bat…this included batkabob, batter fried bat, hash bat, bat dog, lemon-peppered bat, and above all the luncheon meat of champions..spat. The darkness and horror continued with endless tales by all. Unfortunately you couldn’t see who was telling the joke to sto p/hit them. All agreed that Ed scored a negative five on the humor scale, and out did us all on long-windedness. This was followed by a slew of animal imitations where someone sounded way too much like a cow for comfort. Pat took a ten-foot tumble which he blames on all that “damn mud”. Lucky he rose unscathed. If you’re worried about him, don’t, this is just a little nick on his continuous belt of accidents starting from childhood. If you’re curious, ask him. Much merry making was had by all and singing echoed in the cave…but once in a while when you were really quite you could hear the souls of those who had come before us whispering “Carpe Diem.”—Cave On!!!!