Mad Heist Oct. 26, 1996 by John Doroshenk and Brian Bailey

Mad Heist
Oct. 26, 1996
by John Doroshenk and Brian Bailey

The mad heist began at approximately 9:15 in the a.m. After brief stops at the ATM, Gas Station, some guy who we forgot his name’s house, and McDonald’s, we were underway for a full day of fun filled cavin’. After a fairly uneventful ride, the crew Emily , John, Jenny, Cristina, Brian, Jeremiah, Sara, Louis, Jeanette, Nick, and some guy who said he had been to Marshalls 8 times all arrived at Marshalls. The trip included three new cavers: Jenny, Jeanette, and Louis who all handled themselves well for the first time as did one Jeremiah from UVA. We caved in the cave for an impressing 6 hours of caving. Brian and John ran their in cave time totals to 22 h ours apiece and Cristina hit the big one nine hours (19), and Emily nearly doubled her caving time to lucky 13 hours. These rest of the gangs hours our still be calculated and aren’t available at press time. Inside the cave was very exciting.

Marshalls, Ed’s favorite cave, (oh that’s his name I’m glad I remembered it finally) involved some great climbing, sliding, crawling, and swimming. The cave ranged from leg squishing crawls to huge wall climbs. It had it all. The chimneying skills of all the cavers greatly improved over the 6 hours of nonstop death defying mad heists, er heights, that the crazy pack encountered. The six hours took its toll on Sara who with two minutes left in the final quarter of the cave decided she had enough and took a chest deep plunge into the icy cold cave water. She was all good and everyone left the cave and the drive home was on. The most exciting event of the entire day was the climatic ending in D Hall. There all the cavers enjoyed a deliciously prepared meal. But not before the D Hall employees frisked a sketchy looking Nick who had a suspicious looking giant garbage bag. Th e cave club tried making friends with a quiet fellow at the end of the table, but he just got up and left. With the entire table taken up with cavers, the day ended in a feast of thanksgiving that couldn’t be touched by the pilgrims and Indians.