Caving With Carl! Sept. 22, 1996 by Rich Bailey

Caving With Carl!
Sept. 22, 1996
by Rich Bailey

We (advisor Carl Droms, Richard, Caroline, Emily, Matt, Stephanie, Katie) met at the usual time behind Buruss and packed up and left uneventful trip there, crossroads was fun- a lot of everything, unfortunately, the UVA outing club got there at the same time. Once in the cave, we only saw them at a distance, however. We spent about four and a half hours into the cave and everyone had a great time. Afterwards, we decided to check out aqua campgrounds to see if it was campable, which it was. We also did a practice swing on the cable bridge. We then drove out to Carl’s soon to be property – a large field bordering a small river, quite scenic and it will make a great camping spot in he future. We then noticed our stomachs growling, and decided to make a detour to Fat Boys Pork Palace and had dinner. The food was decent, and the atmosphere exquisite. A baseball bat with a mousetrap, fake mouse included on the end, hung from a doorway. It threatened to storm so we left. My Jeep courageously made it up and down the mountain. To bring us safely back to Harrisonburg.

The End.