Trip to Glade-no wait-Kee Sept. 21, 1996 by John Doroshenk, Brian Bailey, and Rich Bailey

Trip to Glade-no wait-Kee
Sept. 21, 1996
by John Doroshenk, Brian Bailey, and Rich Bailey

The day started off beautiful, 9:00 behind Burruss the crew gathered. Brian, Cristina, Diane, John, and Rich gathered and waited for Fievel and Jody to show up. Jody was late because she had to pick up her boots at the post office. Fievil failed to sh ow up ever and is assumed to be somewhere out there. The time was 9:40 and off to glade we went. Glade was amazing for 5 minutes. The mud was spectacular, cool, wet, and slippery. Then we hit the underground lake. It was impassable with out our SCUBA gear. Glade being a huge success, we headed back to Burruss to call Carl and to get directions to “the cave under the road” that Diane claimed she could lead. After a cholesterol boost at D Hall, it was back on the road. We were headed to Kee Cave in West Virginia. Coming down the Allegheny Ridge at a 9% grade, the stench of burning rubber permeated the air, and Rich made an executive decision to get off the road. unbeknownst to Diane, Rich’s car needed a 30 minute rest bit due to lack of brakes. Without Diane or directions, a miracle was needed and that miracle was TV. John Remembering that Diane wrote the directions on a pad of paper and that the imprint was left on the page behind. And thanks to McGyver, we were able to retrieve the directions. But to no need, because Diane waited at the bottom of the mountain.

Finally we arrived at Kee. It was a fun cave and we found lots of dead ends. Diane did a great job leading us and Jody stood tall at her first experience into the netherworld. During lights out, Rich was being his usual obnoxious self towards the freshman persuasion, to which Brian responded “Just because I can’t see Rich, doesn’t mean I can’t kick your ass.” Laughter erupted at Rich’s misfortune. Luckily no violent acts ensued. We left the cave and adjourned to Thompson’s Restaurant. Jody enjoyed the world, well West Virginia, famous Thompson’s Hamburger Deluxe and everyone had the wonderful $2.00 milkshake. The proprietor politely informed us that we better hurry up because the town’s parade was starting. We ran out to our cars and try to pass some 4 year-olds with batons, but to no avail, we were stuck watching Franklin West Virginia’s homecoming parade for an hour. They had some phat cars and some crazy outfits. Then finally it ended. Back on the road after an hour delay, it was time for cigars and Davie Bowie for the final hour home. This ended an adventurous day of caving and driving.