Spring Fling ’96 March 29-31, 1996 by Ed Render

Spring Fling ’96
March 29-31, 1996
by Ed Render

Aqua Camp Site and Marshalls

Well- it’s been more than two weeks and nobody has written a trip report for the fun filled event we all know as “spring fling.” I feel some what responsible for the pages up-keeping (actually I am) so I guess you will have to read about this experience the way I saw it.

It all started off on Friday. Ed, Alex, and Liselle headed off first. The “Batt-mobile,” driven by our chauffeur and co-cave mascot Liselle Batt, survived the several mountains and dangerous rocky roads to Aqua. Upon arrival, the three found the perfect area to make camp. Tents were pitched and firewood was gathered. During the gathering process Alex blasphemed. He stated and I quote: “Ed, maybe you see the mother lode differently than I- but it’s all just going to be wet wood.” The Mother Lode, the club’s source of fuel has been very decent to us for many camping trips, and Alex’s comment was not tolerable. (I blew it off) The problem at hand was in fact that ALL the wood gathered was indeed wet. Luckily, our good friends Bennet and Fay showed up with proper camping equipment and fire building materials. (So we cheated and used a Duraflame . . . Sue us . . . we were desperate.) Thanks Bennet. Before long, our advisor Carl had shown up with his wife, Vonny, and and the rest of the family. Later to join were Maribeth, Allen and Suzane, Mark, Karen and her friend . . . oh shoot . . . what’s her name. Anyway, we had a crowd. The fire was warm and the company was fabulous.

Saturday gave birth to a few more alumni. In the morning two other cavers show up, however their names as well fail me. (Take it easy on me, I’m a freshman!) Liselle had planned to leave at 6:30 in the morning to attend a “Saturday Class” back at he university, however, come noon time here tent as well as her self was still at aqua. Marshall’s cave was the event of the day. An enormous group was led to the cave. Within the cave it was decided to break up into two smaller groups. All in all the trip was great fun and enjoyed by all. The rest of the day was spent morning around the fire and eating. Some, like Alex and Liselle, ventured off for nature hikes. Others slept. In fact many slept. The evening gave birth to yet another alumni Kent. Kent showed up and chatted his two cents around the fire. Most called it an early night. Liselle and Alex talked again of waking at 6:30 to head back to the ‘burg for another class. Most people laughed it off. There was no way they could do. Sunday – They were gone. To our surprise Liselle and Alex did indeed arise with the sun and head back to the city. Amazing. The rest of us slept in to a decently sane hour and randomly headed back at our own pace. (Allen’s pace being the fastest.) Thus concludes Spring Fling ’96.