Happy Fun Trip Report March 16, 1996 by Alex Leaman

Happy Fun Trip Report
March 16, 1996
by Alex Leaman

Saturday eleven people met early in the a.m. for a day of caving. Crossroads, the cave so bad they gave it a blues name, was our target. Some members found (not for the first time) that early Eagles is the music for traveling the American road system. Carl led the trip, since few of us had been to Crossroads and none recently; the patented Carl Droms system of underground navigation proved successful in its usual fashion. That is, after some stops, starts, and redirects. There were approximately seven thousand teenagers being led through Crossroads by RASS cavers, so we had to do work around them. Everyone was having a good time by the time we got to the back of the cave, so it was clear that someone had to do something that might result in everyone not having a good time. In this spirit, Liselle and Alex went for a swim in the gooseflesh-inducing icy water at the back. Liselle was little fazed; Alex laments the lack of openings in the modern job market for eunochs. That water is cold. We emerged from the cave into some of the first warm, shiny happy-weather of the year, and someone remarked that nothing makes one notice the smells of living things more than spending a few hours in a (comparatively) sterile cave. Ed and Alex imitated chimpanzees for the amusement of RASS. Everyone adjourned to The Millboro Creek Cafe, or whatever it’s called, and munched down on acres of cheap food. The waitress appreciated serving people clearly in need of baths, as waitresses always do with us. We then went our separate ways, each to find the dawning of a new St. Patrick’s day in his or her own style of debauchery.
Composed by Ed Render