Breathing Cave Feb. 11, 1996 by Ed Render

Breathing Cave
Feb. 11, 1996
by Ed Render

This Sunday was “a heist.” Alex led the trip, as best as he could. He did a fine job. It started off at 8:00am. We all met behind Buruss as usual. The group was composed of Alex, Ed, Rich, and two first time cavers- Becca and Liselle. We had it all, the people, the transportation (a beautiful dodge Omni, aka. The Omni) all except- the equipment. Now equipment is fairly important so we tried to track it down. A few phone calls later, we had found it! It so happened that Alex had stumbled over it while leaving his apartment and not noticed it. Once the equipment was within our hands we were off. Well, not exactly. Alex had lost the directions to the cave as well. Luckly, Bennet being the nice person that he is, awoke from his slumber and made us a new copy. Thank you Bennet. The ride was beautiful. To make the experience even more enjoyable, we had all the power of The Omni in front of us. After a panic stop, checking in with the owner, and a couple passes of the entrance, we were ready to hike to the cave. We entered Breathing at about 11:45. It had already been a long day, and we were all eager to spelunk. We spent about 4 hours underground. It was a fairly quick cave. All electric, and fairly small. The two first time cavers were incredible. There were no complaints, and everything was “good stuff.” When we left Breathing it had started to snow. We journeyed down the hill being very cautious, for it was icy. However, we all fell to the wrath of mother nature and fell on our bottoms at least once. Some more than others. The ride back was very comforting, and D-Hall was calling. Badly.