MUSG Membership

Everyone is welcome to join MUSG!


Dues are $35 per semester. Come to a meeting, sign up for a trip and find out if caving is for you. Look around at the other clubs at JMU, you'll never find such a great deal!


We operate on a listserve, where all members can communicate with each other, to help plan our weekend trips. If you want to join our mailing list, send an e-mail to:


Each student at JMU must complete a consent form before going underground for UREC, as we are considered a Sports Club. Also, if you want to participate in our vertical training, the UREC Rock Wall Waiver must also be filled out.

Grotto Gear

All members get access to use the grotto gear. This includes helmets, headlamps, packs, vertical gear, webbing, rope and other caving accessories. Most importantly, we provide the BATTERIES for the headlamps!

MUSG Testimonials

Kelton R.

Member 2006-2010
"MUSG was a gateway to the outdoors like none I had ever had going into college. Trips that the club put together opened me up to exploration and a deep appreciation for places that I never could have dreamed about. All of these excursions, and the people that came along, truly changed my life for the better in myriad ways. To this day, I cave with my best friends, and MUSG was a crucial component that provided the experiences that helped us build our friendships. Oh, there's also the Bat Ranch."

Jason K.

Member 2008-10
"I joined MUSG my first semester at JMU. It quickly became the place I turned to for a fantastic time every weekend with friends I knew were sincere, caring and accepting. Every weekend was a adventure either caving, hiking or camping, with a crazy new story to tell at the end of each trip. Being a member of MUSG gave me an outlet from school and a place to be myself, ultimately helping make me into the person I am today."

Sam M.

Secretary 2012-16
"I had never felt as much adrenaline as when I explored my first cave, and I still feel that same exhilaration each time I go underground. The connections you make with other caving members are deep and lifelong, meeting them has truly changed my life. Joining this club was, hands down, my best decision at JMU."

Henry F.

Member 2011-12
"Caving with MUSG has literally let me see and become part of another world, both geographically and socially. If you think you have an insatiable wanderlust, then being a part of this club is the best way to scratch that itch for adventure."

Katie M.

Member 2012-14
"Being a member of the MUSG family instilled a desire and passion to explore the world underground and push the limits of my comfort zone, all while creating some some of the greatest memories and friendships of my undergrad years."

Morgan W.

Secretary & Treasurer 2006-09
"MUSG is where I found my true friends and the best experiences and adventures. I could push myself to the limit in a completely new environment every weekend. I could escape from stress by simply going underground with good friends, reliable gear and nice rope."

Chris B.

Secretary 2010-12
"When at Student Org Night, I saw the cool trips the Caving Club did and I wanted to be as badass as them. Four years later, after rappelling down 120-foot drops and running through underground waterfalls, I consider myself fairly badass. I made a lot of awesome friends on the way and some of them are among the best friends I made in college. I’m glad I joined."

Whitney M.

President 2006-07
"I spent just about every weekend underground with awesome cavers my junior and senior year! The club gave me an appreciation of nature and taught me the “leave no trace” creed to live by. I’ve kept in touch with more caving friends five years out of college than any other group of friends I made at JMU."

John M.

Member 2007-10
"The caving club made my college experience. Besides turning me into a real “career,” a it gave me a great group of friends, my wife included, along with many of my favorite memories and the best stories."

Rachel T.

President 2016-19
"Joining MUSG was by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. It led me to friends that I consider my family, the sport I absolutely love, and many, many amazing experiences that I would not trade for anything in the world. But the most important thing it's done is to help me find who I am."