Grotto Membership

the ins and outs of becoming a

MUSG Member


Everyone is welcome to join MUSG!

Dues are $35 per semester. Come to a meeting, sign up for a trip and find out if caving is for you.

Look around at the other clubs at JMU, you'll never find such a great deal!

Each student at JMU must complete a consent form before going underground.

We operate on a listserve, where all members can communicate with each other, to help plan our weekend trips. If you want to join our mailing list, send an e-mail to:

All members get access to use the grotto gear. This includes helmets, headlamps, packs, vertical gear, webbing, rope and other caving accessories.

Most importantly, we provide the BATTERIES for the headlamps!





Like what you see? Get in touch... and come to a grotto meeting and see for yourself!