MUSG Trip Report

Trout, New Trout & Hamilton Caves
Nov. 23, 2003
by Andrew Medley

So.... it was Sunday morning and we were going to New Trout and those caves... I picked up my friend in plenty of time and arrived behind Burruss at 10:00 AM (the agreed upon meeting time).... well... Laura was the only one waiting for us when we arrived. So... we sat around and enjoyed the exceptionally nice weather... and waited... at about 10:20 Springli showed up... we waited until 10:30, but no one else showed (that was 3 for sure no-shows and 2 who had been "possibles" that didn’t come... so we were down in group size, but still out to enjoy the beautiful day and the caves...)

It only took about an hour and 15 minutes, or so to reach the caves... even with my wrong turn... We explored New Trout for about 2 hours or so and then poked our heads into Trout and Hamilton... but we were getting tired (some members more so than others... mostly the one that had stayed up until 5:00 AM the night before).... So we returned home; a good trip...everyone enjoyed the Chinese Rap on the way back... until they fell asleep in the backseat... No one got hurt and we all enjoyed ourselves.

~No Justice, No Peace.