MUSG Trip Report

Sunday....... 3-D (4-D)
Sept. 8, 1996
by Ed Render

A Now the Trip to 3-D was great fun. Actually, waking up after having four hours of sleep wasn't the best thing in the world, but Ed and Rich pushed on to please the new cavers. We were behind Buruss and 10am (or clsoe to it) and ready to leave. It was a full group actually- Ed, Rich, Mike, Jessica, Jen, Mason, and ????? were all there. Damnit where has my memory gone? (in retrospect: the events that transpired ala pig roast may have something to do with it! Chris)

Trustingly, the new cavers followed Ed as best tehy could to 3-D. After several attempts to find the right roads, we had made it. Now the caving attire of most was ok, but Jessica though it would be extra fun to try and cave in sneakers! Just ask her how glad she was that she wore them! Now the rains proved to get the best of the cave for the fourth dimension was under water, still Jessica had "Jessica's Wall" to climb, and the rest of us were pretty tired and content wiht a two hour trip. After exiting the cave we visited the rappelling scene, "Lyle's Pit" and then went home.