MUSG Trip Report

Ridgewalking Bullpasture Mountain
March 22, 2003
by Jared Bowie

The day began like any other highland survey day. Awake a little before 7 and breakfast at High's. There were a good number of caves that needed to finished up, but it was decided that we would ridgewalk a section of Bullpasture Mountain that hadn't been done before.

I hopped in Rick Royer's car and we headed out, passing all the trucks along the way he showed me a place where the river was going over a road and where there was one of the springs coming out of Five Springs Cave. We then drove over to where we were all meeting. Eventually everyone showed up walky talkies were handed out and we headed up the mountain.

Once we got to the top we all spread out about 50ft and began walking the mountain looking for sinkholes and other signs of caves. Something like 15 areas were marked. We walked almost until about 3pm.

On the ride back we checked out Cathdral Springs, which looks like a promising dig and the entrance to Aqua which was completely covered with water. The only way into Aqua would be to go under water. Then we all went back to Rick Lambert's house and ate dinner.