MUSG Trip Report

Playing with Action Figures
Rawley Springs and Lake Shagrow
Jan. 28, 2006
by Bob Svercl

Sunday I had to wake up, shower, and get a bowl of cereal (this time not from D-Hall, there's a story behind that) before meeting everyone for a hike to Rawley Springs and eventually Lake Shagrow. 100 feet into the hike we met our first obstacle, a stream that was higher due to the rain. Eventually we made it across in two different areas. Later on we came to the Rock Maze, which looks like the ruins of an ancient civilization but is an entirely natural formation from granite (as Bobby said, Mr. Geologist) that you can climb on and boulder and such. Had some fun playing around in that area and made on with the hike. Coming back on the hike I decided to cross the same log (suspended about 4 or so feet over the stream) that only Steveo crossed. He was able to do the first half standing and the second half crawling. How did I do it? I shimmied across like an inchworm, stopping in the middle to laugh at how ridiculous I looked. Then when the rain eventually cleared we made it to Lake Shagrow. Wow, what an amazing sight it was! I took some pictures, but just being there brought me a great sense of calm. After listening to some of Bobby's exploits and playing with a Blade action figure and a Daredevil action figure (random things we found) we came back to Harrisonburg.